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ANNOUNCEMENT: Valentine's Day Holiday Event
« on: February 15, 2019, 09:13:18 am »
Good morning wonderful AEQ Valentines!

Three announcements!

1) The last day the candy hearts will drop is 2/21 (no change). However,
 the candy heart merchants (Valentino, Valentina, & Romeo) will remain in EC another week to give everyone ample time to make purchases

2) Reaver and I will be implementing an exchange vendor that will allow a trade of yellow or pink hearts for purple ones.  Instead we added the exchange options to the existing vendors.

3) All Valentine items will be purchasable with the purple hearts! YAY! Prices for the different level of augs will be staggered. The best ones will cost the most

We are going to try to get this done today!

Thanks for the feedback so we can make adjustments on the event!

One more thing... if you have eaten any of your candy hearts, they will not be replaced! 
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