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Beastlord Focus Items/AAs
« on: August 09, 2022, 03:41:16 pm »
Results of parsing pet for a few hours and some suggestions.

1. Apprentices grip and Diamond Prism of Compansionship might only affect hitpoints.
2. 3.5% crit rate on pets, could use a boost for 3 tier talent of aas.
3. Crits don't seem to be double like they normally would be for beastlord pets.

This morning I've spent a couple of hours parsing my beastlord. Once I got onto the pet portion, I found some interesting data.

First I parsed the sky pet with just haste and focus from the better lady. I was trying to see if using apprentice's Grip which has the focus effect of Minion of Darkness made the pet better. After a few rounds of testing, It made no dps difference. After getting the #mystats command from discord. I could confirm that using it added some hit points to the pet, but not other stat changes from what I could see. [ Guests cannot view attachments ]

Next I decided to go buy that new AA aug (Diamond Prism of Companionship) from the Treasure Goblin, as it had a different focus effect, Summoner's boon. After a few rounds of testing, again no dps increase. I can confirm the hit points are increased via #mystats. However in #mystats it doesn't show any avoidance increase. I don't have a way to parse avoidance so I cannot test if it's just a display bug. [ Guests cannot view attachments ]

While spending the hours parsing pets, I noticed, the pets didn't have critical messages very often. I then started a new log file and parsed 3 minutes of combat on chris rock. The pet for 13 criticals, and 12 flurries. Having all maxed out AAs. This was out of 383 hits.(didn't log how many misses)

This worked out to roughly 3.5% crit rate. This means it gets 1 crit hit out of every 8-9 rounds of combat. Perhaps a little boost in crits for more eye candy?
Flurry was the same rate and seems fine as it's supposed to happen less often than crits.
The next thing I observed, was that my pet has a max hit for 98, but most of the crits were for 130 damage. No cit ever hit 196 like a standard crit would on a spell or melee hit on a character.

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