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Game Suggestions / Re: SK and Paladin Spell Line Additions
« on: August 29, 2022, 02:58:08 pm »
.................It's not a credible source?

I'm done.

Game Suggestions / Re: SK and Paladin Spell Line Additions
« on: August 29, 2022, 02:07:38 pm »
The difference in hits were from the fact that he was pulling and tanking. I was only picking up adds. He just tanked more mobs than I did. The average damage taken and average amount blocked/dodged/parried/missed is the key.

As for taking it as face value, I took the entire raid chunk and highlighted each mob type one by one to show tank stats for all encounters on a given enemy. It literally took me 2 hours.

Game Suggestions / Re: SK Spell: Touch of Innoruuk
« on: August 28, 2022, 11:13:23 pm »
The intention was for a change to the base cast time.

Game Suggestions / Re: SK and Paladin Spell Line Additions
« on: August 28, 2022, 06:27:53 pm »
This took longer than I care to admit and decided a Paladin will have to do a comparison for themselves as I can only focus on what I have access to.

Attached is the spreadsheet compiled from last night's logs in CoM.

Enemies encountered < 10 times were excluded as well as boss/named encounters in which I did not tank. You will see that I only really tanked the Bladed Animations in terms of bosses.

Findings Highlights:

  • On average, I took 8% more damage per hit received.
  • On average, I was also hit 8% more often.
  • My dps was not as high as I had anticipated.

I honestly anticipated a larger gap than 16% in overall damage taken, so thanks for making me do the work.

However, I was discussing these findings and realized my initial complaint was versus named enemies and raid bosses. These encounters do not highlight the defensive abilities in a Warriors toolkit. Warriors have mitigation cool downs that neither knight can touch. And that is OK. so long as the other benefits of being a knight can be utilized to compensate in some way. DPS being 1/3rd of the lowest DPS's parse and tap resists on named and bosses make this disparity untenable.

My potential suggested changes:

Don't touch mitigation, an 8% disparity makes sense.

Add an additional rank of Crusaders Stance to somewhat compensate for the avoidance discrepancy.
Make SK taps less resistible. (this will have the added benefit of increasing DPS as well).
Add the Decrepit Skin line and adjust proc rates to net 5% avoidance.
Add a single Defensive active AA on a lower CD that isnt crazy strong but will take the edge off (SK Guard AA's) akin to Warrior's Blade Guardian or Brace for Impact
Tune DPS up through adding missing DPS AAs so that someone can go "Well hey, SKs do a lot more damage so deal with it."

Anyways, thanks again for making me do the work. Happy to flesh out ideas more if you are open to it.

Game Suggestions / Re: Guardsmen Shield
« on: August 28, 2022, 03:05:18 pm »
Guard I is normally a casted effect and it was displayed as worn... I didn't see anything to indicate it was actually working.

Game Suggestions / Re: SK and Paladin Spell Line Additions
« on: August 28, 2022, 01:39:41 am »
Eld talked to me in Discord.

We need to get parses to show how much more we take.

Going to try and figure that one out with Santa.

Posting this screenshot I took for posterity.

Game Suggestions / Guardsmen Shield
« on: August 28, 2022, 01:27:56 am »
The worn effect currently does not work on Guardsmen Shield.

+1 if you add an aug slot of any kind and about 30AC to bring it in line with Pre-Kunark raid shield <3

Thank you Eld.

Game Suggestions / SK Spell: Trained Army of the Dead
« on: August 28, 2022, 12:45:27 am »
After turning in the raid token for the SK spell I received another version of Army of the Dead. It costs more, has 3 fewer pets, lasts for 35 fewer seconds, and does no more damage.

Consider removined "Trained Army of the Dead" and consider adding Army of the Dead Rk II. As it is an improved version, consider lowering mana cost, increasing number of pets, or the damage they do (a proc would be cool).

Anything to make it reasonably better than "Army of the Dead".

Game Suggestions / SK and Paladin Spell Line Additions
« on: August 27, 2022, 08:31:54 pm »
Let me start by saying, I feel like all three tanks are in a relatively decent place for group content.

However from KC on, there are group named that are wildly resistant and the same for certain bosses in Sky through Castle and CoM for raid content.

When an SK's taps get resisted, it doesn't just lose damage, it loses one of the main facets of its survivability. The same is true for Paladins requiring successful stuns for some of their abilities to really shine.

Now, we can't have stuns landing on named mobs or raid bosses, but maybe Paladins procs can trigger whether the spell lands successfully or not. For SKs, I'm hoping that SK only taps (Self procs through shrouds, AA procs through Touch of the Cursed, and casted lines) can get help with being resisted.

If those two things cannot happen. After speaking about this in Discord, I suggest adding the following spell for Paladins: Ward of Tunare and the following spell for SKs: Decrepit Skin.

Both of these lines would add survivability beyond reliance on landing procs AND are both well within the level range of spells pulled from and added in AEQ already.

This would not bring them to the survivability of Warriors (and that's OK!) but it would curb the feeling of having picked the wrong tank class.

Thanks you!

Game Suggestions / SK Spell: Touch of Innoruuk
« on: August 27, 2022, 08:02:01 pm »
Please reduce cast time on Touch of Innoruuk from 3 seconds down to 2 or 1.5 seconds.

Three seconds to cast when mobs hit for more than it can tap for makes it brutal. It is simply more detrimental to cast than to not cast.

The last tap was moved from instant to 2 seconds and I stopped casting it at all. This being SK only with a 10 second internal CD makes me think you would be more open to making it viable for SKs.

Thank you Eld.

Bugs: Spells / Invoke Death and Minion of Darkness
« on: August 27, 2022, 07:46:38 pm »
This is a bug related to the recently patched BST pet issue Cory was having:

Invoke Death is supposed to summon a lvl 46 Spectre Pet base.

With Minion of Darkness focus it summons a lvl 41 Skeleton Pet.

Please make Minion of Darkness add levels instead of subtract (from 46 up to 51 instead of 46 down to 41).

I was going to make a long post about its lack of survivability and being unable to proc on current content but I believe this would take care of it.

Thank you Eld.

Tips and Tricks / Re: What's the Trick?
« on: August 10, 2022, 08:50:53 pm »
Necroing this thread for the new people that might be lurking...

Veksar. Veksar is where you go until you have enough levels/aa to not get plowed.

Make sure everyone has gone to Shining City and EC tunnel for all their spells.

Taka is where you go to farm your tank/plate classes gear. Just bring a slower, a tank, a healer, and a dps.

After that use that gear to snag random world bosses for off pieces (check Kith for the easiest one).

Gather other shittily geared people to raid Devastation and hand out pieces for the Nevek's Trust aug: http://www.playaeq.com/quests-212/nevek's-trust/

Put that **** in your main hand and go to hatchery and make Naomity your ****.

Take your now beefy melee dps to raid sky. Bracers drop from ALL trash.

Get your bracers, clear the first island of trash, spam fast heal your tank through the first boss.

Farm golems from the second island for DANK AUGS.

Once your tank is Auged up- push on.

Go kill Vox b/c she's not insane like other bosses.

Just keep making incremental progress...

Unfortunately, I feel like if you chose a caster as your first class... you're kind of reliant on other people for any real solo/group progression post 50. Even the best mage pets get **** on outside of Veksar and I honestly don't know why.

10-20 (post armor questing) befallen is fun
15-40 can be done in unrest and is great exp but it can be tough there without a group.
15-30 in SolA can be fun- tons of enemies
30-50 in SolB is great and the exp is incredible

50+ group zones in order of difficulty as I see it:

Veksar > Hatchery > Taka > Cazic Thule > Corathus > Devastation > Castle > Paw

Don't try paw for leveling... or anything. It's just... brutal.

Make sure you do your noob armor quests before 20 then start your sol ro quests at 30-35.

Trying any 50+ zone without a full set of sol ro gear + farmed off pieces or friends = a bad time.

Shadowknights / Dwarven SK Starting Tips
« on: August 10, 2022, 06:03:15 pm »
Greetings adventurer!

When I started my Dwarf SK, I was told to head to the Gnome starting city as there was no SK noobie quests available in Kaladim.

This resulted in... a bad time.

Nothing/no one would talk to me- and I couldn't even sell to merchants there or the surrounding areas.

Little did I know, Felwithe is totally responsive to Dwarven SKs AND their quests armor/weapon components seem to have a MUCH higher drop rate.
(Just stay away from the Paladin guild masters!)

Side note: I never did my noobie weapon quest because I could never get the drops- it's easy in Felwithe and is usable for a GREAT mid level weapon called Legacy.

Legacy is earned by turning in the SK starting weapon and Paladin starting weapon (you get the SK starting weapon by doing the Paladin starting weapon quest and handing it in, along with 1 brick of crude bronze found off orcs around CB) to the Skeleton Knight in Sol Ro off Lavastorm.

Stay safe out there!

P.S. Avoid Emperor Crush... He lives up to his name here.

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