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« on: December 10, 2021, 10:52:15 am »
PRE* all your focus items, torch,broom,shovel,stein quests done, and katy staff from taka chests.

1) 3 pages of magi'kot to katy devers in taka

2) go talk to Ynnear in felwithe

3) go kill hatchery for teasure keepers and loot ynnears book

4)give the book to ynnear in felwithe

5) go to najena and talk to Akkstaff, say "Ynnear sent me" and "I wish to learn more".

6)Give Akkstaff the words from Katy, research from Ynnear and book of turmoil, look up quest for book its easy in neriak.

7) go to felwithe and buy elemental grimoire and put your focus items in there (4) of them and combine for a failed staff.

8) goto toxx forest and talk to llisiv Gantraeu i think isd her name, shes right by spires. and give her the failed staff, the mastery token you got and taka staff for epic and done!

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