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Cannot See items ( missing files I assume )

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I am using the download from here for both my toons.  I have 2 naggy items in main and offhand, and cannot see either one, I look like a old school monk.

Would like the files to be able to see them.  I know I'm not the only one.

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After installing, did you download https://discordapp.com/channels/357388837707710467/474886803221118977/475454027342151680 and place it in the proper folder?

This file should enable all weapon models in all zones.

I have it placed in the resources folder, as per the post, just redid it as well, on both installs, and still nothing is showing, I have the jerik weapon as well, and it shows fine, but the other two I linked there do not show.

Are you on the Rof2 Client? or the old Client underfoot

Which ever client the download is from, should be rof2 i think though, as I am able to augment items just placing them in slots, instead of the aug pool.

Also I just redownloaded the aeq_client v2 and tested it out as it comes, the weapon models did not work, replaced the globalload.txt with the newer one from discord(10-8-18 Post), and again no weapon models.


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