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Bring population back - ip limit temp increase, double xp, etc


Hey, this server has been the best I've played on in the last 10 years, and sad no one is on anymore.  Personally I'd rather just play one character and have the rest of the group / raid do the same, and for a while we were able to do that.  Now the server seems to be a grave yard, and I wish that would change.  I'd like this server to be populated again, and even for a little bit maybe increase the IP limit to 3.  Or institute double or triple xp.  There are still several encounters that I'd like to beat.  Vox, gfay dragon, POsky that was hinted at, etc. I know the developer's seem really busy, but we have to do something to bring players back to this server, it's too good to die off.



i think this is worth talking about.

I think 3 chars per IP needs to start first, then you may bring some back that actually did play, then July 1-15 double drops, post it on eqemu forums.  (Double drops on any server seems to bring a crowd back), now that we have people back (hopefully), July 16-31 triple xp 1-50, double xp at 51.  I am not sure if there is any way to monitor IP's but until we get a good base again playing, should keep 3 characters.  I'm sure there is other input out there also, like rotating hot zones 2-3 at max level. 

I haven't done veksar yet, so don't know the xp there, but last I played there were only 2 zones that were worthy of xp, corathus and CT.  DEV was good xp too, but harder mobs so wasn't quite worth it.  TAKA and Hatchery seemed to get the nerf stick on xp ( hatchery was cut by at least 3x what it used to be).  XP isn't the only answer though, I really don't know what it will take to get people back playing, but would hate to see this poof.  Already been a month since I've grouped with anyone, much less seen more than 1 other person even on at the same time.

2 box limit has been lifted. 3 box is now a possibility, lets see how this feels.


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