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You actually get more exp per kill in kedge keep on P99 than you do on this server :(

Any chance you can increase it to its hay days of being triple the exp of any other zone in the game or more realistically comparable to other zones its level... and maybe a bit more for requiring under water breathing and having to deal with swimming.

1AA per kill or riot!

I would prefer not to make underwater areas attractive as exp or farm zones. Once in a while it's cool to swim around and do something but for routine Everquest stuff I prefer to stick to land.

You are just a Kedge Hater :P
Honestly, for the trouble of constant swimming and needing EB, the zone xp should be better than comparable xp zones. Because unless the loot blows other zones away, there would be no reason to deal with it.

I for one am ok with "there would be no reason to deal with it". That zone is mean and just evil.


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