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Looking for a Skill up drop/item


Talking with Reaver this morning and he said toss it on the forums for discussion.

My thought/idea on this would be a random drop or quest that would reward an item that can be used to increase skill ups in a skill of choice.  I've seen this on other servers where an NPC was implemented to hand the item in, click a link for the skill you want to improve and you get X number of skill ups.  Could be a great quality of life for alts (my main too).

The struggle bus is really when you get a nice weapon upgrade and it's for a skill you haven't leveled IE 1hs, 1hb, 2hs, 2hb  (Archery lol) etc etc.

The other option which I'm sure isn't viable is just auto skill up when you level.  I heard on live they just implemented something that when your skill isn't maxed to what it could be 10 levels under your current level the chance for skill up is hugely increased.  Someone brought that up yesterday in discord chat.

Thanks for your time and consideration <3
- Lokey/Pokey

I think this is an interesting idea.  Initially my thought was people should earn their skills the same way we've always done it.  But it's a solid point that we've all been around EQ long enough that do we really need to go through the grind of skilling up seldom-used skills on the off-chance we get a weapon or whatever that we'd want to use?

So, with that in mind, my thinking is along these lines:
skill books would be possible to rarely drop that are worth various amounts of skill points (5, 10, maybe 20) for a single skill, and would be tradeable.
people could consume the book to gain the number of points in the skill that the book is for. The list of skill books that would be available would likely be limited to combat skills and primary caster skills: 1HB, 2HB, 1H Pierce, 2H Pierce, 1HS, 2HS, Alteration, Conjuration, Evocation, Abjuration, Divination.

As they would be tradeable, people could give them to alts to help quickly get them up to speed, or sell them to others.


I like the idea of Lore books


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