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Sol Ro Paladin Armor Quests


So after spending probably 20 hours trying to gather bits and pieces of these quests I still don't have a single item completed. I just want to put some attention maybe to some of the things that have really annoyed me with this long drawn out quest. Also, I hope these items are worth my time invested... I can't imagine trying to do these at level 35 here hehe. Would be a shame if they were meh to me at 51.

Sands of Ro - This could use a boost in drop rate IMO... I've killed probably 10 Sand Giants and only have gotten one Sands of Ro. These are required for each of the pieces.

Aqua Goblin Net Masters - I have spent probably 4 hours and have killed probably 20+ of these dudes for the Deep Water Goblin Net. I haven't gotten a single drop... And I need two for one bracer...

A Plague Shark - This dude is a two hour spawn cycle... Seems a bit crazy considering I need two rare drops off of him for a single mold. I spent four hours trying to get a drop and nada. I think the spawn time and drop rate on the fin could be improved.

Mistmoore Granite - Not sure why there aren't Gargs in MM anymore hehe but it's cool. The drop rate on these are pretty low considering you need one for each armor piece. Plus, it seems the "Collectors Mistmoore Granite" drops more frequently than the regular old granite. I spent probably 6ish hours in MM fighting and collecting other stuffs there and killed a TON of these "Gargs" and only walked away with 6 regular Granite.

Fairy Dust - This is probably one of the more annoying things of these quests... To get one Soil of Underfoot you have to turn in four Fairy Dusts. So, for the 7 pieces of total Ro armors you need 28 total Fairy dusts... I spent two hours non-stop killing of these annoying little buggers and only walked away with 12 dusts... I think these drop rates could be improved for sure.

So far that's all I've been able to accomplish. Look, I am not bashing this server at all, but, I think if you make something so much a pain that it might keep folks from working on these cool (and sometimes fun) quests. I think slights tweaks are very helpful for ease of life here. It's WAY harder without a porter as well. I just hope when I get to actually get my hands on the gear to make my decision if it was worth my time invested into it hehe. Thanks for listening!

These have all been addressed good luck out there

I heart you!


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