Author Topic: Fleeing enemies instantly teleport in some conditions involving water  (Read 486 times)

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Sometimes when a mob starts to flee it will instantly disappear and end up somewhere else in the zone. This usually causes a train of mobs to swarm and attack you after some time and so is pretty bad for player experience. I have noticed it in the following areas

 - SolB near the lava surrounding the efreeti camp
 - CT beneath the temple areas in the tunnel just before the ooze pool
 - Upper Guk AC camp

These areas do have something in common: in each area, there is a body of water preventing the mob from fleeing to some destination by land. I suspect this is the cause of the issue.

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I've encountered this behavior as well, particularly in Dulak.

Once the NPC reaches the threshold to begin fleeing, it appears to warp under the world, then appear a short distance away, usually in a place inaccessible to players.  This begins the long path of trains that will usually arrive around 5 or 10 minutes later, depending on how far away the fleeing NPC gets before reaching another mob to share social agro.


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Unfortunately we are not sure how to fix this "glitch"  -- at least not at this time  :(
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Is there any chance you can do something to at least mitigate this? For example in the ooze pool area in CT this is a really big problem. Maybe configuring those oozes not to flee could make that area less of a death trap.


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