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Timmothy Quest Line
« on: August 06, 2022, 09:12:46 am »
This is a quest line that starts in HHK and has many useful rewards along the way. I would even say this is a must have quest for at least one person in your group as one person can trigger all the encounters.

Step 1: Talk to Timmothy at the top of HHK. He is located behind one of the secret areas behind the paintings, if you go into an area that looks like a mine shaft thats the area. I believe its the SE area of the top floor. After hailing him and following his text he will ask that you free his remains from captivity.

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Step 2: Also located in the top floor of HHK in another hidden area you will find a small gaurded room with a miasmic chest inside of it. target the chest and hail it. This will free Timmothy's remains and they will attack you. kill them to progress your quest line. Pay special attention to the quest text he cries when he is defeated as you will need that trigger phrase for the next. (Timmothy has roused the Spiroc) if you wanna be lazy. This step also yields great rewards! Killing Timmothy has a chance to drop a charm/powersource that has a clicky Levitate on it that is also targetable! Also he can drop a bracer that has self only clicky gather shadows! The chest respawns about every 10min and can be farmed to gather clickies!

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Step 3: Head to South Karana avaiak villiage. Go tot he top of the bird house and locate Kasori(sp) and tell him the trigger phrase and follow the text. This will trigger an event at the base of the bird house. The event has three waves of birds last have a captain in it. killing him wins the event. The captain will drop 6 tokens that are used to hand back in to Kasori at the top. The reward is a multi-slot item that has 30% haste and also insta click quickness buff that is targetable! a must have! The captain can also drop 3 different items that all have cool effects. 1 is a totem that is a clicky vampiric embrace(proc lifetaps) other is a clicky bow that cast group shrink(this is a must have in my book) and finally a hammer for healers that procs a group heal.

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You can do this entire quest in the mid to high 30's maybe sooner with a higher level babysitter. Once you complete the quest line that person can spawn the event every 3 days for friends and future alts.
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