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Fully Powered Electrum Blade
« on: August 04, 2022, 12:17:01 am »
The quest starts off in Castle mistmore with an avenging caitiff located at random spawn in castle mistmore he shares ph with many npc's

Hail an avenging caitiff ,
an avenging caitiff glares at you with fangs bared as he draws an electrum-bladed wakizashi

say "electrum-bladed wakizashi"
an avenging caitiff saids "HA! As if a mortal such as yourself is worthy of such a weapon. Leave me to my mission - my purpose in life - the slaying of those who brought me into this existence, then exiled me from this place

say "Mother"

an avenging caitiff saids "My mother was named Issis. She is, to my knowledge, employed as Lord Mistmoores maid"

say "Father"

an avenging caitiff saids "Syncall is my fathers name. He serves as Lord Mistmoores butler"

Kill  Maid Issis and loot her fang
Kill Butler Syncall and loot his fang

Turn in both items to an avenging caitiff

To Receive Electrum-Bladed Wakizashi

You will to repeat this quest twice as the sword is not Lore. This will help you for the next part of the quest

Head to Freeport and Seek out Kargek Redblade

Hail Kargek Redblade
Kargek Redblade  looks up from his forge and says, 'Hello there, can I help you?' Your eyes are drawn to an extremely large [Purple Sword] scabbard strapped to his back with no sword in it. Kargek speaks again, 'I said, can I help you or do you need help from Wenden?

Say Wenden
Kargek Redblade points to the other side of the forge and says, 'Wenden is my partner. He is standing right over there. If it is a question about a weapon, he will probably have the answers

Say Purple Sword
Kargek Redblade turns to look at you and says, 'It is my research. I might tell you the story behind it if you do me a little [favor]

Say "favor"
Kargek Redblade An associate of mine is wandering somewhere in the Feerrott. His name is Oknoggin Stonesmacker. If you will deliver this note to him, I would appreciate it
You Receive wax sealed note to deliver to Oknoggin Stonesmacker

Oknoggin Stonesmacker is located in Feerott

say "Hail"

Oknoggin Stonesmacker "Yoo leave me 'lone"
Hand him the wax sealed note

Oknoggin Stonesmacker saids " snatches the note from your hand and rips it open with his large hands. 'You take dis to Kargek. He want!"

you receive a tiny lute

Return back to Kargek Redblade and give him the a tiny lute

Kargek Redblade saids "Thank you for delivering the note to my associate. Take this book - it will tell you a little of the history of the Electrum"

You receive Redblade's Legacy

the book reads

Written by`Kargek Redblade the Seventh.``Electrium is as rare as it is unstable. Long ago our ancestor Thegrek`the first was on the`battlefield as a companion of`Surtelk.  With his might and` quickness he slew many dragons`warriors that day as did `Surtelk with the help of his `Electrium blades.  When the`Power source was dim`he died from Electriumnite `Electrium needs the scales  `of a white dragon to control it `without this  `the blades destroy you`forth.  Rallos Zek himself `took the great sword`and handed it to Thegrek.  It`was to be his charge, and the`charge of our family to hold`the scabbard until a true`warrior stepped forward to be`tested.```As a son of the `Redblade family it is your `duty to protect the Scabbard`and test those who think they`are worthy of holding it.`

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