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Swain, The Storm's Fury
« on: September 14, 2022, 12:09:15 am »
Quest NPC:

Master Pokk says 'You were so very close to it, you could have made it,  .   If only you sought it out before others,
But the others they have their Vizel, and Crynel, we used to have something more  .  it helped us but then it turned to ash in our hands,
we could begin a new, we would need to make a Frame, with white sheets 2 of them would work with a vial of Elder Dragon Blood bring me that.
We will then need to do more work.'

Hand in (2) White Scale Sheets (Lady Vox, Taka) and (1) Elder Dragon Blood (Lord Nagafen)

Master Pokk Begins to go to work making a frame.  . .

Master Pokk says 'Yes this was the frame, I knew I remembered it, it was so long ago.
Now we need the string, this will be harder to obtain, only a spider of memory would have this.
Seek out the silk, and bring it to me. Along with the the essence cage, we will need 2 purified sheets Plates to form the shaft from the cage, bring me these items .

Silk drops from Failed Compound (Morrell's Castle)
Essence Cage drops from The Weaponsmith (Morrell's Castle)

Hand in (2) Purified Whitescale Sheets, Essence Cage, andSilk

Recieve Inspected Weapon Fragment, Purified Silk, and White Frame

Master Pokk says 'The shaft and frame are completed, however we run into a slight problem.
This bow needs a form of protection. We would need the scales of  a pristamtic dragon, and I have never heard of any on Norrath.
We would need to find another who would know how to form these together. Perhaps Viktor would lend you his assistance,
his weapon energy always seemed to have a mind of its own if you could find it.
Yes that has to be it, the shaft and string, and the frame, and the prismatic scales (from the named dragon in Devastation, "a wild dragon" is the PH). 

Kill Viktor in Morrell's Castle to spawn "a host of weapon energy"

Turn in Prismatic Dragonscale, Inspected Weapon Fragment, Purified Silk, and White Frame to "a host of weapon energy"

Recieve: Swain, The Storm's Fury

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