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« on: May 22, 2018, 12:30:33 am »
The goal of the AEQ staff is to cultivate a game experience and a player community that everyone is welcome to enjoy in equal terms. This will require the cooperation of the players to adhere to limitations that cannot be enforced by existing technology and to grant basic respect to one another.
Respect Each Other
1. **No negative or derogatory behavior** directed towards other members including any form or harassment. Regardless of your age, we ask that you try and be mature and set a good example for other players on the server. Comments or remarks such as blatant racism or targeting another player or company will not be tolerated.

2. **Play nice** with each other.
   - Respect other players' claims to camps they are actively farming
   - Do not directly compete for a kill that another group is attempting
   - Do not cause mobs to attack other players
   - Do not ninja loot
   - Reserves the right to change and adjust respawn timers as needed to maintain a community feel.

3. **No fraud** Fraud is a dishonest trade or negotiation with another player. This includes false representations of your intentions. Fraud includes, but not limited to: lying, deceiving, slandering, falsely representing yourself, bullying, or impersonating another player - which results in the loss of currency or items of another player.

4. **Respect boundaries** communicated by other players. If someone asks you to stop behaving a certain way around them then stop. Don't try to circumvent other players' ignore lists.
Respect the Spirit of the Game
AEQ is meant to be a game about persistence, skill, quick thinking, and group problem-solving. The following rules are intended to preserve these facets of the game, but no rule set will be perfect. If you encounter a situation in which you suspect the rules work against the spirit of the game, we ask that you respect the rules first and openly discuss the situation with the development team.
1. **This is a 3-box server**, meaning that one person can have no more than three characters logged into the server simultaneously. (port bots scooping loot etc allowed for a 4th combat is allowed!)

2. **Use supported clients only. Don't use programs that expose extra information or .** . Note: simply parsing logs for information is ok.
 UPDATE[/b] : Macro questing is permitted for boxing efficiency with the following stipulations. 
1. The spirit of the rule: "no unattended botting. So a player is always behind the main wheel"
2.its purpose is to allow smoother boxing not by by pass content, all other rules related to 6 man are in effect. \
3. Be respectful and be mindful that 2 players 3 boxing content do not gain priory to 6 man content over a group of 6 players

3. **Do not exploit bugs or technological limitations.**
Exploitation is defined as taking advantage of an unintended property of the game to obtain a reward without operating within the spirit of the game. Sometimes, bugs make it easier to obtain rewards and sometimes it makes it harder. The existence of bugs that make it harder to obtain the rewards is not justification for exploiting bugs that make it easier.
If you are not sure whether something is considered an exploit, discuss it openly with the staff. Not knowing that some behavior is considered to be exploitation does not justify engaging in exploitation.
In particular, the following are considered to be exploits:
   - Triggering respawn of a spawn point (by means other than killing the spawned enemy) in order to more quickly find a
           rare enemy or to manipulate the item(s) dropped
   - Mining client data for clues related to a quest
   - Causing a rapid client disconnect to avoid character death
   - Logging or zoning in and out to take advantage of out-of-combat state during a long fight

4. **Do not buy or sell using real money.** Exchange of in-game items, currency, or characters for real money is strictly prohibited.

5. **Special rules for custom content**
Some custom content is intended to engage exactly one 6-character group at a time. This content has specific rules designed to ensure this:
   - No help from outside the single group. Respect the 6-character limit
   - Competing groups are not allowed. If a full group is already actively engaged with the content in a 6-character zone, do not interfere with them or race them to some of the rewards in the zone.
   - Do not skip content to reach the rewards more quickly. The "trash" mobs in the zone are considered part of the content and should not be circumvented to reach the reward. If an enemy is in your way you are expected to slay it.
The following zones are subject to the One Group rules:
  - Taka
  - The Pits
  - Paw
  - Hatchery
Respect the staff
1. **Do not try to disguise your identity.** Use only one forum account and only one Discord account. Don't lie about the character or characters you play.

2. **Do not try to pit members of the staff against one another.** The decision of one member of staff should be considered final.

3. **Ask for help only when really needed.** The staff are not here to give out rewards for free or to undo a mistake by the player. If you die, delete an item, or loot an item on the wrong character then you should take responsibility for that error.

4. **Do not verbally abuse or harass the staff.**

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Re: Rules
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2022, 04:23:24 pm »
Boxing limit has been raised to 5.


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