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Dwarven SK Starting Tips
« on: August 10, 2022, 06:03:15 pm »
Greetings adventurer!

When I started my Dwarf SK, I was told to head to the Gnome starting city as there was no SK noobie quests available in Kaladim.

This resulted in... a bad time.

Nothing/no one would talk to me- and I couldn't even sell to merchants there or the surrounding areas.

Little did I know, Felwithe is totally responsive to Dwarven SKs AND their quests armor/weapon components seem to have a MUCH higher drop rate.
(Just stay away from the Paladin guild masters!)

Side note: I never did my noobie weapon quest because I could never get the drops- it's easy in Felwithe and is usable for a GREAT mid level weapon called Legacy.

Legacy is earned by turning in the SK starting weapon and Paladin starting weapon (you get the SK starting weapon by doing the Paladin starting weapon quest and handing it in, along with 1 brick of crude bronze found off orcs around CB) to the Skeleton Knight in Sol Ro off Lavastorm.

Stay safe out there!

P.S. Avoid Emperor Crush... He lives up to his name here.

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