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Warrior Epic Full
« on: November 27, 2021, 10:57:33 am »
You will need 6 white scales and 1 red to do this and a shield of spiteful power from the pit in inno swamp and the warriors beginning weapon from newbie quest

1) Rengar Shieldblade in west commonlands next to Innkeep Seke- Find his brother close by in a dessert, and find him *the Piece his brother had, *Our stolen Family sword, and *a piece from Luclin if there are any, It may be used already it doesnt matter, the very magic can be absorbed.118-0

2) Kargek Redblade Sro near wizard spires. /loc -1292, 182, -21 120-1

3) the 3 items you need, are the dragon statue from taka, the red family blade from Drevlon Knacknabber in eastern karanas and the fully powered electrum blade, which is a butler fang and another Maid fang from MM, turn those both into An Avenging Caitiff. Drag him to ZL root and zone out then calm him to do the turn in. Do this twice for 2 electrum blades, then 2 electrum blades with a white dragon scale and a powersource from a ghoul boss in lfay and combine in a forge to get fully powered blade.

3a.)turn those in and get a note to visit his sister who is on Odus. Sister is found in the hole in the greavyard.122-2

4) she gives you a box go talk to Ynnear in high keep near the waterfall giver her the box

5) go to Lguk and kill for 500 souls with the scythe

6) go back and give ynnear the scythe and take the note to General at spires in gfay

7) go find General in OoT Far NW island, long swim

8) go to Dagnors and talk to the duds laying down on north side of island and say "help".  kill the crazed nao that spawns

9) go to stonebrunt and talk to the woman near the waterfall Tell her "I did" You will need a white and a red scale from taka to give to her for this next part

10) she gives you an orb ports you to the arena and you watch a brawl, on the ground there with be a piece of armor, have to hit it a few times and kill it and loot it

11) then go to shining city find A woman, shes near the port in in a building. and give her the piece of armor she will give you a box

12) Now you need a warriors beginning(starter warrior weapon), 4 white scales, Shield of Spite from the pit in innothule swamp and the box a woman gave you. Shove all that in a forge and BAMMM!!! you have a warrior epic

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Re: Warrior Epic Full
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2022, 06:58:07 pm »
3) Dragon Wing Statue drops from the adds that spawn during the boss fight in Taka

3a) The sister is located in the crypt of the graveyard. Fight down into the basement via graveyard entrance she will be all the way in the back on the left.

8. The knights are laying on the southwest part of the island next to a boat. This also spawns a group boss to kill be sure to have heals and slows.

9) The Waterfall is in the north east part of Stonebrunt.

10) you can go kill and loot the armor as soon ad the gods begin to fight. It is located near center of the arena.


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