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When I zoned into Highkeep on my Wizard and ran a short way into the zone I was given the task "Wizard Teleportation (Highkeep)".

Highkeep is one of my favorite zones, and I had a lot of fun solving this one. For those who want to solve the quest themselves then stop reading now and head on over to Highkeep with a Wizard. If you need a hint or two to get you through the quest then read the next few lines. And if you want the full walkthrough you can look down past the hint section.

Hint 1
Both the focus stone, and the anchor are ground spawn items found in HighKeep

Hint 2
If you talk to Mistress Anna and tell her "I am working for Lady McCabe" her advice is surprisingly helpful.

Hint 3
The container you need to use to "infuse the items with parchment" is called "Spell Research Kit"

Full Walkthrough
You need to first collect a focus stone, and an anchor. These are both ground spawn items located in HighKeep. They spawn on top of the left and right clifftops near the entrance courtyard. In order to reach the cliff tops you will need to climb to the top floor of highkeep and jump off the balconies onto the cliffs. One of the balconies is connected to the room Carson McCabe spawns.

Once you have collected both the focus stone and the anchor you need to combine them along with a "piece of parchment" in a container called "Spell Research Kit" I found mine on a merchant labeled "Research components" in the Freeport caster guild. I assume its a no-fail combine as I have 0 research skill.

You are rewarded with a Highkeep gate, portal, and translocate spell. The gate and portal spells are usable at lvl 23, and the translocate spell is lvl 36.

Druid has now been added to getting these spells.

To Note (unless it changes) the only difference is to add a Quill to the combine!

Thank you for posting this info Lokey-Pokey!

Just had an issue with this for a druid.  The Spell Research Kit won't work.  You need the anchor and the focus stone, a quill and 3 pieces of parchment.  Then you have to find and buy a Research Binder.  I found one available at Zok Prak in Rathe Mtns at the froggie camp.  Good luck.

I just used a research binder and combined a quill, 3 parchments, the anchor, and focus stone.
I got the 3 druid spells but they are all level 255 and unusable, also the task never completed the final stage.

I did the task a second time to be sure and got the same results.


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