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Wizard Teleportation I (Rathe) - need help


Has anyone managed to solve this quest yet?

When you walk near the scarab monument in Rathe Mountains as a wizard you receive this task.

It requires you to find 2 "cryptic pages" found in Upper Guk. Has anyone managed to find either of these  cryptic pages? I have been searching upper guk for ground spawns as well as killing named mobs with no luck so far.

Any help/information would be appreciated.

A few of us got a Cryptic page as a ground spawn near the obelisk where the Fragments spawn (we were trying to get fragments)

I also found the cryptic page on the scarab monument, and another cryptic page to the north near the unkempt druid ring. But my quest journal did not update when I picked up either of the cryptic pages. I tried combining a piece of parchment + both cryptic pages + Fragment of Rathe in my "Spell Research Kit" just to see if it would work like the HighKeep teleportation quest. Unfortunately it just lets me know I cannot combine these items together.

I assumed it was a bug and reported it. The reply I got said that everything I described is working as intended, and that the quest journal gives a hint about the location of the cryptic pages. So those Rathe Mountain "cryptic pages" are a total mystery to me at this point. I have no idea if they do anything at all.

My quest journal eludes that the zone I need to find the cryptic pages in is "Upper Guk". I have been wandering and checking Upper Guk for some time for ground spawns as well as killing named mobs and PHs with no luck on even a single page. I should maybe start killing trash mobs in the off chance its a random drop off them. There is also a chance of some secret areas in Upper Guk that I am unaware of. I have been to the skeletal monk, behind the false wall below the Scyer, and behind the false wall behind the Shin Lord. I have also been checking inside the pots (with and without fire) as those seem like a sneaky place to hide a ground spawn.

A fresh pair of eyes would probably be more successful. Until then I will continue searching!


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