Author Topic: Halas - Notes from a level 3 Barbarian  (Read 20497 times)

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Halas - Notes from a level 3 Barbarian
« on: June 19, 2020, 11:29:41 pm »
Couple things I've noted while levelling up my druid out in Halas today.

Boat leaving halas rides along the floor of the lake and will take you hostage as you're trying to swim. It'll grab you for only a split second but it will immediately teleport you halfway down towards the lake bed between the surface and the boat. This can also happen if it's arriving at either end of it's destinations. When it arrives at either end it will spin 90 degrees but it does it in like 3 turns and if it is doing this while you swim up to the ledge it'll spin your character and disorient you.

Mobs social aggro is acting really wonky. I think there's a switch that's flipped that shouldn't be or something because you've got a db that's up to some shenanigans. I had a spider assist a goblin and a mammoth assist a spider. Rough times were had.

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