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Author Topic: Base Race Stats and Class Modifiers  (Read 31093 times)

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Base Race Stats and Class Modifiers
« on: April 24, 2020, 02:10:06 pm »
I thought I'd at least help the process of getting exact race/class starting stats.
With stats being Str/Stam/Agi/Dex/Wis/Int/Chr I will list as such:
Barbarian: 103/95/82/70/80/60/55
Dark Elf: 60/65/90/75/83/99/60
Dwarf:  90/90/70/90/83/60/45
Erudite: 60/70/70/70/83/107/70
Gnome: 60/70/85/85/67/98/60
Froglok: 70/100/100/80/75/75/50
Half-Elf:  70/70/90/85/60/75/75
Human: 75/75/75/75/75/75/75
High Elf: 55/65/85/70/95/92/80
Iksar: 70/70/90/85/80/75/55
Halfling: 70/75/55/90/80/67/50
Ogre: 130/122/70/70/67/37
Troll: 108/109/83/75/60/52/40
Wood Elf: 65/65/95/80/80/75/75
Vha Shir: 90/75/90/70/70/65/65

And when giving classes the following stat modifiers are applied:
Zerk: 10 Str/5Stam/5Agi/10Dex 25 Points to Spend
Bard: 5Str/10Dex/10 Chr 25 Points to spend
BL: 10Stam/5Agi/10Wis/5Chr 20 Points
Cleric: 5Str/5Stam/10 Wis 30 Points to Spend
Druid: 10Stam/10 Wis 30 Points
Ench: 10Int/10 Wis 30 Points
Mage&Wizard: 10 Int/10 Stam 30 Points
Monk: 5 Str/5Stam/10Agi/10Dex 20 Pointa
Necro: 10 Dex/10 Int 30 Points
Pala: 10 Str/5Stam/5Wis/10 Chr 20 Points
Rogue: 10Agi/10Dex 30 Points
SK: 10Str/5Stam/10Int/5Chr 20 Points
Sham: 5Stam/10Wis/5Chr 30 Points to Spend
Warr: 10 Str/10Stam/5 Agi 25 points to Spend

I just thought this might help make sure all stats for all class/race combos are exact.
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Re: Base Race Stats and Class Modifiers
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2020, 11:26:28 pm »
I know it's of minimal consequence but I figured I'd give the religion some credence as well.

Bard: Bards seem to be able to be just about any religion except evil, although we've yet to have an evil race bard. This should hold true for the newly added races that aren't evil (Barb, Dwarf, Halfling) and I see no reason this should change, except for one nitpick: Dwarves are barred from Rallos Zek. Ever notice how all the other og warriors could follow Zek except Dwarves? Dwarves will KoS any followers of Zek, even their neighboring Elves and Gnomes. Thus Dwarves should probably not have this option lest you death loop upon creation. By contrast, Ogres would probably need to deliberately not have access to Brell as Dwarves are their sworn enemy.

Cleric: Usually every cleric has a faith and a necklace that has a clicky effect for their god.

Paladin/Shadow Knight: Also seem to have a religion. Usually a good/evil one specifically. For most races, the religions they follow are often available to the rest of the race's good/evil classes respectively on top of any other race's options.

Druids/Ranger: Also tend to have religion. Usually Karana or Tunare but the canon racepool is small and now we have an evil druid race (could maybe have one more?) I suppose a druid of Innoruuk defiling nature with hate or Bertox with sickness but most druids should otherwise follow the other two.

Iksars: Tend to overwrite all rules and devote only to Cazic Thule no matter the class.

I'll add more later.


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