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Author Topic: Religion for Dark Elf Paladins  (Read 15 times)

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Religion for Dark Elf Paladins
« on: February 07, 2019, 12:13:24 am »

Most of the new combinations are agnostic, even where that doesn't make sense (paladins, druids).

Currently dark elf paladins are agnostic. I propose that they could be made followers of Solusek Ro. This shouldn't affect factions significantly (may have to adjust modifiers for some Neriak factions), but I think adds a lot of flavor: the temple of Solusek Ro is near Neriak and has servants of all races, which would explain where the paladin guildmaster came from, and could give dark elf paladins an ethos (crusading to cleanse the world WITH FIRE) where currently they don't have much lore attached to them.

Other race / class combinations are more difficult; I think an oddball choice for barbarian druids might be Veeshan, as she is associated with the sky (an aspect of nature) and dragons (including ice dragons). Tunare is another option, since the barbarian druids are being taught by wood elves if I remember correctly, but I think Veeshan is more interesting.

Anyway, just thoughts on developing the lore of AEQ. Enjoying the server quite a bit!

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