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Author Topic: An example of unified newbie armor and implementation  (Read 697 times)

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An example of unified newbie armor and implementation
« on: December 15, 2018, 11:46:15 pm »
Using the SK Armplates quest from Oggok as my example run:

Currently you receive an Armplate Mold of Darkness, a mail assembly kit, and a list of items, you then combine the dropped items in  your mail assembly kit; and then you combine the resulting Armplate Material of Darkness with the aforementioned Armplate Mold of Darkness in a forge to create Greenblood Knight's Armplates.

Proposed Change:
NPC does not give mold to you anymore, but instead prompts you to return the Armplate Material of Darkness to him(hand-in) in exchange for a reward.

Currently the various newbie sets have a wide range of stats, since these are class-specific, by changing each newbie armor quest to require a hand-in of the material crafted for a reward it allows a unified class-based set to be implemented across the board without removing the unique regional quests.

So now you go forth, and do the quest as-is - mooglan needs these materials for his burgeoning side business as a blacksmith or something.
You've obtained the materials, assembled them in your mail assembly kit, and you head back to mooglan to hand them to him. Mooglan then gives you the following(based on felwithe knight armor from current AEQ items)

Code: [Select]
Knight's Aggressor Armplates

Slot: Arms

AC: 17
HP: 15
Mana: 15

Sta: +3, Int +3, Wis +3, Cha +3

SV Cold +5

WT: 4.0
Size: Medium
Rec lvl: 10

Class: SHD PAL

Race: ALL

Other info: RGB Code:73, 7, 1

Note that I modified this slightly from the existing felwithe defender's armplates(added int to the stats, as the felwithe version has wis only, so it is actually better for paladin than for sk, otherwise it's pretty much identical and the changes, I think, make it more balanced for both classes). The RGB code used was the orange from some of the darkforge pre-upgrade pieces, which is no longer used since server upgraded darkforge is set to be all black.

Now, for each city that has an sk or paladin armplates quest, change the quest to require the handin of the armplate material to receive this exact same item - thus providing a unified newbie armor set across the board. Repeat for all other pieces. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, and I've explained it in a way that doesn't confuse anybody, I will be happy to at least sit down and write out the stats for each unified armor quest piece - and do so for all classes as well, not just for knights!
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Re: An example of unified newbie armor and implementation
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2018, 04:56:44 am »
Just to make sure I'm understanding the proposal. 

  • Obtain quest, along with mold/pattern for piece
  • Collect Ingredients
  • Assemble ingredients in kit
  • Combine material + mold/pattern for final reward

  • Obtain quest
  • Collect Ingredients
  • Assemble ingredients in kit
  • Hand in material for final reward

Is this correct?

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Re: An example of unified newbie armor and implementation
« Reply #2 on: December 16, 2018, 09:44:00 am »
Yes, quite correct. My reasoning was something along the lines of:

1) Far less development work:
a) no need to implement new quest lines entirely, just slightly tweak the existing ones(which is still quite a lot of work, tbh.)
b) no need to develop half a dozen armor sets, or tweak half a dozen existing ones, per class(there are probably close to 100 different newbie armor sets/quest lines altogether across EQ) just create a single unified set per archetype.

2) Keeps the spirit of the newbie armor quests intact: they were meant to guide a character through the first few levels, while gearing them up fairly well(for the era they were released in(LoY) it was the rough equivalent of twinking with a few hundred plat worth of classic, kunark and velious gear from the bazaar - which was well within reach of any casual player(but usually meant spending 10 levels farming silks and bone chips and pelts to sell) and were each fairly well balanced for the region they were in - that remains the case with doing it this way.


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