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Author Topic: Zones and progression hints  (Read 1400 times)

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Zones and progression hints
« on: March 23, 2019, 04:26:15 pm »
Hi all,

could anyone post some hints on custom zones and gear progression please? I'm having a hard time there. Found a couple of nice items (hero bracers!) but also spent considerable time on camps that returned useless gear.

As for progression, what would you recommend? Newbie armor is great for sure. The ro temple armor (or misty thicket for my ranger) items are very time consuming to get and not so good in scale.
I could only think of planes and CT zone. Is there any step before?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Zones and progression hints
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2019, 04:29:21 pm »
1,Newbie armor
2. Sol Ro Armor
3. Taka group/delve Group
4. *Spoiler* Content


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Re: Zones and progression hints
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2019, 03:56:19 am »
This turns into the question about the difficulty of the server that I see being asked before but not answered. How can a solo boxer handle the content? Please see this post with a mix of questions and concerns for a player like me.

The low and mid levels where alot of fun with great progression. Great newbie armor, fast levelling, new things to be found and quiet but nice people around.
Now i'm afraid i'm getting stuck in endless camps of rare drops off of rare spawns at lvl 51. The newbie weapon did give expectations for a nice weapon progression, but this wasnt true and it has its end at the SSoY at 9/24 ratio for now.

Are there any more ideas on progressing at lvl 51 for someone playing a duo and rarely having the chance to group?
Solro armor is a painful timesink. Lots of rare drops off rare spawns in zones that dont provide anything else of interest. The ranger BP was only 7AC more than the newbie BP, not very appealing.
Taka is group content with mobs hitting in the 500s. I dont see myself doing that before getting some more levels and reasonable weapons in kunark.
Sure there are many good items to get, spread out over the world. Though its alot of work. Ill need to level a porter and then camp those drops without knowing what stats they actually have. Will that and AAs enable me to do a place like taka at level 51?

I imagine waiting for the next expension may be a very valid option for soloing older group content. Is there any rough timeline for the kunark release?

Also changing the duo lineup may help.

Any ideas on progression at lvl 51 that i'm not thinking of would be appreciated.


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Re: Zones and progression hints
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2019, 11:17:13 am »

I understand some of the concerns you've raised, particularly about the expectation of gear progression with how nice the newbie stuff is.  We are working to add some new gear to help fill some holes that some classes find themselves having, though the SolRo-equivalent armor does provide a nice upgrade path from newbie gear.

What I see as the largest point in your post is the solo/duo game, and what content is available.  For this, I'm afraid the answer is there isn't a lot.  Most of the content we are building focuses on full-group (and some raids) play.  That said, we do recognize that there are some folks who are on a schedule that has them playing odd-hours compared the the larger population, leaving them limited options for grouping.  I will take this as a point of opportunity for us to add some content more suited to small group play (1-4 characters), though it will be some time (a couple months at least) before we're able to release something like this.

In regards to future expansions, our plan is to follow our server's unique story-line.  This means that the zones released within each of our 'expansions' may or may not correlate to how EQ originally released them.

As for content you can do right now in the small-group style, some options that come to mind immediately are:
  • Dulak
  • The Hole
  • Kedge Keep
  • Unrest (deep in)
  • The Hatchery

One of our developers is nearly finished building the next zone that will be launched for xp/questing/loot.  We're hoping it will be ready within a week or two, and the content should be doable for a very solid 1-2 person group, or an average 4-person group.  Some of the content will probably require a full group, but I don't expect the small groups to have too much difficulty finding something to do.

Sorry for the long post, but I hope that helps answer some of your questions.  Please keep them coming, along with any feedback that you may have.


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Re: Zones and progression hints
« Reply #4 on: April 24, 2019, 10:42:13 am »
I would love to get some more information on progression. need something to work towards. Was hoping to gear up for naggy but obviously he is buffed and out of reach.

There are so many named out there labed as 'raid target' or 'group' (?). Are they all just super tough like emperor crush or is there anything that could potentially be handled by a straight forward duo?

As for the zones and armor progression, i found its very depending on the class.

Solro quests are good for:
- SK, warrior (darkforge for both) high AC and rather quick to do
- shaman, druid (totemic armor for both), several pieces are quick to do

Solro quests are a waste for time for:
- ranger, monk (ivy etched which is also usable by bst, shm, rogue and ber) most pieces are all a huge time investment and not real great items

Solro quest i dont know about:
- int casters, warrior, pallies, cleric

For the non tank melees, Delve will work for the armor. Way faster than solro quests and much better. Only problem with delve is that you need to do the prequest with a very hard event in south karana.

I'm afraid Dulak and Kedge dont bear anything of interest currently.

Whats next after delve? There is a new zone in nektulus. The layout and mobs are very well made. Seemed a bit like a mass slaughter for ghetting loot, which is a matter of taste. I wonder why this place hasnt been greatly announced?
The Hatchling?

I hope we can put a guide of some sort together one day.
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Re: Zones and progression hints
« Reply #5 on: May 01, 2019, 05:49:57 pm »
Dulak -

Dualk actually has several good armor pieces (still using legs on shaman, has a great set of shoulders from windscorn boss, a fantasic priest weapon and a couple really good quests, (bracer with high HP and mana and +1 mana regen and skyfall seeker - port to NK item) that I remember offhand.

Taka -

Taka is a upper level zone, also all mobs have a very low chance to drop both red and white dragon scales.  Taka has 7 grey con "chests" throughout the zone, you will have to clear to the chests to get the loot inside, each chest hold 1 of several items ( Plate Boots, Plate gloves, Plate chest, warrior sword, chain bracer, all/all + avoidance cloak, caster staff, decent necklance).  Taka chests are on a 3 day timer.  Taka is located in North Ro, close to the oasis zone, at a old wizard tower.    Taka Mobs are over level 51, been a while I can't remember if there any any yellows in the zone, mostly Id say 54-55.  Also has a boss at the end that is challenging.  It also has 2 NPC's that start epic quests.

Hatchery -

Hatchery is located in the basement of unrest.  It used to be a high xp zone, but not so much anymore.  Hatchery has several mobs that are possible to spawn all throughout the zone called Treasure Keepers, they are not on a timer that I have seen, but can spawn in specific spots throughout the zone.  The treasure keepers drops a random assortment of items, including alot of items used in 0.5 epic quests.  Some items are a instant gate clicky sword, 1h piercer, Cape, range item, etc.  Hatchery also has a boss, with more epic quest items and some other pretty good gear.

The Pit -

The Pit is a zone that as far as I have seen only has 1 Boss.  He drops a great shield, monk 1hb, spell haste 3 aug, and something else.  There are a couple random drops in this zone like leather bracer.  Besides clearing to the boss, I haven't explored this zone much, its a group zone, lvl 55 seems right for most mobs.

Devastation -

Devastation is really for a group or more.  It is also located in unrest , but its through a giant portal at the top of the House in unrest.  To get to the portal if unfamilar with unrest, you can do 2 things.  Get a Levi and find a way onto the roof, then walk to the portal, or go through the house, up the stairs, and past the "hand".  It also leads to the roof.  Devastation has great gear, quest augs, random drop augs, etc, it doesn't seem to have a main boss, but several Ph's that when killed have a chance to spawn a boss, at least 2 named bosses that I am familiar with, could be more.  It also has 1 npc that starts a epic quest.

Cazic Thule -

Cazic is like it was live(revamped version), but revamped a little more revamped here.  Most of the items are the same items from live, but better stats.  It's also a very high xp zone, but mob's can be difficult also.  I haven't done much CT personally, I can't say what quests it offers.

Corathus Keep -

Corathus Keep is located in Nek forest near the commonlands zone in ( in the water way).  It has a variety of quests for tokens used to purchase items.  Also has named that have ph's.  Its a good group zone for xp.

The Seething Wall -

The Seething Wall is a zone with some crazy mechanic's and Mobs can be rough, I haven't run this zone much.  Has a few named.  This is located in highpass hold, Near the Ek zone line

I am sure I am forgetting some. 

The delve line quest starts in High keep.  There is moves to South Karana, and finally you are able to enter delve ( located in the castle in crushbone ( go inside first door, shrink, swim down the blood water).

Other items of note
Hero Bracers - I still use this item, (SK) its much upgraded from live, quest is the same except you just need the mino bracer to turn in.
Imbued granite spauldors - from the Hole, great upgrade that I also still wear.
Lucky the beggar quest in highkeep - gives a great mask and another item at end of quest.
Several great quests in Sol Ro besides what is listed above
Shield of the devout - quested item, same quest as live, great shield or back item, very much upgraded, also useable by (war, clr, pal, sk, dru, shm, all int casters)
Sigil ring of jaggedpine - Best or one of best rings in game that I've seen
2 earrings from lavastorm quests and ring quest in lavastorm, great starting gear and can be finished in upper teens to mid 20's (mana and health regen on items items)
2 quests in lesser fay dark at greater faydark zone in, the cloak is a must for every character, earring is great also with a good effect.
Jaggedpine dropped loots while doing the sigil quests (plate/chain boots, leather boots, 2 different necks)
Caster ring from goblins in sola
several different items from solb/lguk upgraded.

I don't know many caster quest's / item's as I've just recently started a caster.

Raid Mobs
Crushbone - located in Crushbone where the trainer used to be
Jerik - Located in North Ro
Possibly dragon in devastation

Here is a start.

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Re: Zones and progression hints
« Reply #6 on: May 02, 2019, 07:54:13 am »
I've been hunting poachers in Jaggedpine for awhile and can add that the named do still drop magic items besides the leather/chain neck/boots.

Zed still drops the clicky illusion mask rarely, but it's not clickable from inventory.
Elisha still rarely drops the stampede sword and the proc has been improved greatly, I can't wait to start using it on my ranger.
Killed Vaurian a dozen times with no drops, killed the other one (can't remember the name) a few times with no drops.

Oh and the Timber griffons still drop the nice range wisdom item rarely (griffawns don't).


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Re: Zones and progression hints
« Reply #7 on: May 10, 2019, 08:48:05 pm »
I see a lot of zone names being mentioned in this post and others but not a lot of - "It's located".  // Dulak - how do you get to Dulak?  // Taka - I'm not even sure what a Taka is.  // Hatchery - I found on accident.  // The Pit - nope, no clue.  // Devastation - wouldn't know where to start.  // Cazic-Thule - Yep ran in their at level 51 and died within a couple of hits.  // Corathus Keep - (is located in Nek forest near the commonlands zone in ( in the water way).) I ran past this 20 plus times - good thing someone posted how to get to it.  // The seething wall - What? // Shadowrest - I know where that is from Plane of Knowledge (PoK), but there is no PoK here.

The server has been fun, but I'm finding a huge gap now between what I'm able to kill and not kill.  For example: The Hole. I can kill most mobs up to dark blue, but that's about it.  The gap between my gear and pet and the mobs is too great. My pet dies way too fast. I'm not sure if it's just squishy pets or the fact that the level of pet does not match or come close to the level of mobs I have to be able to kill now in order to progress.

I'm going to keep playing.  Hopefully it's just a learning curve on my part.


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Re: Zones and progression hints
« Reply #8 on: May 12, 2019, 10:38:35 am »
The Pit is in Innothole spawp. Zone in is a large log.   

Dulak start in tox forest, then panieel, warrens, stonebrunt, gulf of gunthak, Dulak.

Taka, I clearly described what taka is.

Devastation, read the post, states what you need to know.

Seething wall - until you have some gear from other zones and a good group, no use going here, not a solo zone.

As far as just playing by yourself, dark blues are probably all you can handle, at least for a while.  Pets are not tanks, and while you can manage some xp by yourself, your pet won't equal a equiped tank.  (unless your a charm class, then have at it).  DPS and tank to your hearts content.


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Re: Zones and progression hints
« Reply #9 on: May 15, 2019, 02:04:51 pm »
Very nice info post, jduncan! Thanks for sharing to help out our newer players!
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