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some newbie first impressions
« on: November 12, 2021, 06:30:51 pm »
I have played for a few hours now and think I should give some feedback before I forget stuff. I may be a bit unique because I have very little experience with EQ Live(around 3 days worth months ago never leaving the first zone). I do however have years of experience on Shards of Dalaya and no previous experience with any EQ related server besides those. First time using the EQEmu login system(On SOD I used their in house one instead). Sorry to say a lot of it is somewhat negative was hoping to be able to say more positive things since I was invited here(I wasn't told much about the server aside from potentially being a place to practice dev work so quite possible my expectations were too high to begin with) but hopefully the honesty will help you improve. I do realize there is much more content this is just my first impressions. One of the positives to counter balance this is discord support was very fast.

Initial installation:
The getting started page needed information updated including link to install files(which I got quickly on discord) and name of server listed incorrectly. having to manually patch files was only a minor annoyance though I feel would benefit from a more automated approach since manual method can lead to wondering if you might have made an error later on if something goes wrong. creating a new account at eqemu threw me off a bit especially since you have to create another account within that account and use that. partially my fault for speeding through the video though even following it it took me a little bit to find the spot to put in the login server info because I had been redirected to the forum. if someone didn't watch the video and was new they would have almost surely have been completely confused that forum account you create wasn't the login needed to get in. I know I was confused until I re-watched the video a few times to find out what I did wrong. first time trying to login in the login server was down though quickly backup upon mentioning in discord but I am just attributing that to bad luck.

Actually Playing:
when selecting a character I had almost zero info on what classes had what capabilities as there was no spell/skill lists to reference(and had no idea how relevant my SOD knowledge would be) that I knew of(the classes forum despite the titling has almost none of it's promised information). racial benefits no clue on the full benefits of any outside of stats(and found that more through chance looking at random sub forums). I started off with a solo froglok rogue(a race/class combo I never had access to on SOD) interface was somewhat familiar coming from SOD though I noted alot of things where I was thinking is this going to be important later because SOD doesn't use several of the currencies live does and noted the button to an empty marketplace(makes sense but probably should have been removed from the UI). did a /who all to see how many were on and found I was alone(checked multiple times over the hours I was on and no change). I checked the rogue skill vendor near by to see if there was any skills to get now or what level the next one was to be greeted with a vendor that didn't have a single skill for sale. Then I talked to the rogue guild master to get my first quest. fortunately I had seen the quest format of clicking highlighted text once before(SOD only uses that in one or two quests rest you select dialog options with a text command). the dialog where you chose the piece you want had it's dialog cut off at the end but was otherwise functional and relatively well written. General game atmosphere was pretty good(playing alone allowed me to leave the game sounds on. when on SOD I almost always had them off so I could listen to voice chats or listen to something else as I worked on one of many alts). Among the annoying things was I couldn't figure out where if anywhere to go and check the things I needed to gather for the quest when I wasn't in front of the GM. the in game quest journal didn't have any entries and the /journal command I used in SOD didn't work so every time I forgot what I needed I had to run back to the GM to check unless I wanted to pull out a notepad to write stuff down every time I got a quest. In the quest there were several items that apparently came from bleeders and when I looked in the newbie area there were 3 mob types that had bleeder in their name. looking back at the quest dialog I found zero mention of which of these mobs dropped which quest item. This meant a lot of grinding of mobs I wasn't even sure would drop the item I was looking for. On another note the molds you get from the rouge GM should probably be lore except maybe the bracer one to keep from filling up inventory with useless molds when going back to check quest requirements for the 10th time. maybe silencing the lore error dialog if possible. or check if you have already in the quest script.

Drop rate on some of the quest items I needed felt low but having no idea which bleeder I needed(and not initially realizing there were two ground based ones) possibly played a part in that. also the spawn rate on the spiders felt like half as frequent of the other mobs. The bull alligator hatchings were constantly killing me every time they spotted me they are pretty high level for a KOS mob in a newbie hunting area. I stopped my session when the game froze immediately after killing my first kobold and getting killed by the second kobold I pulled on accident. was attempting to loot the first before getting killed. something that surprised me when it happened was enemies running away when low health. made me wish I started with a ranged class since as a melee sometimes it can be a challenge to make the game realize that yes you are in range to hit the mob especially if you have some lag. Also sucks because sometimes they run to some other mobs that will agro you if you give chase to prevent recovery that you might not be prepared to handle. I hope there are some skills to prevent run away mobs.

As I was running out of bag space I ran over to town and thought to my self in SOD pottery got you container that wasn't too bad and wouldn't be that crazy for it to be a low end recipe I could do. I looked at the vendor to be greeted by a bunch of items and nothing that looked like a container mold. I bought the basic book and found nope that sketch which was required wasn't sold here. and there were a bunch of weird conversions and I was no closer to crafting anything. went to the smithing vendor all I found were plate related items I needed chain. found another smithing vendor(these vendors really need something that says which was which in their name/map entry) which had chain related items bought the basic book and was just clueless on how to make some basic chain mail based on what I read(didn't have the recipes I needed). Don't know if mining is a thing or not here either(0 posts in tradeskill forum) though I had found some ore on an enemy.

General lack of documentation compounded a lot of these issues.

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