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Title: Paladin epic
Post by: Peete on June 22, 2020, 10:09:52 am
Find a Trapped Paladin in High Keep

Please you there, I knew there was something special about you. I shouldn't be in here. I am a Paladin of Neriak. I follow the Light. I play no part in this war. I care only about protecting Norrath. Without witness and without reward. Norrath is all I Have. These Guards took me by force when I asked to see the Princess. Neriak sent me on a mission of Peace.

Yes Peace. My High Lord Naomity dispatched me here. To barter a Truce with the Lords of HighKeep. We have larger concerns now collectively. Haven't you notice Tunare she's gone. Our Marr is gone. I can't feel their light anymore. No one can feel their light. All I have left is their memory.

My Soulfire, Naomity passed on its legacy to me. Soulfire isn't just a sword. The memories of all those that wield it stay with the blade. Entire generations of knights combat training infused into a weapon would make anyone a force to be reckoned with.

Return my Gleaming Crested Shield, Soulfire, and my Legacy and I will be able to escape this foul keep.

Irak Altil in Temple of Sol Ro

Hello there Knight. I see you hold the weapon of a knight, though its power looks weaker than what it could be, to fully reach its potential I would need both its sister and its brother to make a mighty weapon. Bring me both the light and the dark and I will grant you my legacy.

Darkolf in Felwithe
Greetings Knight I am Lord Darkolf of the High Elves of Felwithe. Our Order believes in a much darker and Direct Form of Power. Speak with Seria if you require armor, in the form of a Blade. I will turn the Light into Dark to Fight the Dark. I will also need something Crude and Bronze.

(Hint Do this twice.)

A Trapped Paladin
Thank you for Returning my items to me. I have a more important mission to accomplish. Please take this to my friend in Freeport Monia.

Monia Oakstone says' She must have sent you. Run Quick. Gather your allies and reforge Oathkeeper. You will need this Bloodstained letter that holds her tears. The Dragon Hilt, Broken Sword Piece, Swords of an Old Alliance and four Red Dragon Scales. She will need us before the end.'