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Title: Loot Nearest Corpse
Post by: Draist on November 12, 2021, 08:50:42 pm
one of the most useful macros I ever made for this game. to do it in Options->Keys->Targeting set target nearest corpse to one of your hot buttons(note this setting applies to every character loaded in the current client so you will need to reserve this on all your characters).

In Action Window->Socials right click one of the buttons to edit it(there are multiple pages it doesn't have to be the first one)

can name it whatever you want. in the macro put the following lines

/hidec looted

and save it.
now click and hold the button you created til it shows on your cursor then place it on the hotbutton you selected earlier for target nearest corpse.

what all this does is targets the nearest corpse, drags it to you if in range, loots it(as in brings up loot window), then once you are done looting hides the looted corpse from view. you can use "/hidec none" command if you hide something on accident. This saves a lot of clicking.