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I think 3 chars per IP needs to start first, then you may bring some back that actually did play, then July 1-15 double drops, post it on eqemu forums.  (Double drops on any server seems to bring a crowd back), now that we have people back (hopefully), July 16-31 triple xp 1-50, double xp at 51.  I am not sure if there is any way to monitor IP's but until we get a good base again playing, should keep 3 characters.  I'm sure there is other input out there also, like rotating hot zones 2-3 at max level. 

I haven't done veksar yet, so don't know the xp there, but last I played there were only 2 zones that were worthy of xp, corathus and CT.  DEV was good xp too, but harder mobs so wasn't quite worth it.  TAKA and Hatchery seemed to get the nerf stick on xp ( hatchery was cut by at least 3x what it used to be).  XP isn't the only answer though, I really don't know what it will take to get people back playing, but would hate to see this poof.  Already been a month since I've grouped with anyone, much less seen more than 1 other person even on at the same time.

Hey, this server has been the best I've played on in the last 10 years, and sad no one is on anymore.  Personally I'd rather just play one character and have the rest of the group / raid do the same, and for a while we were able to do that.  Now the server seems to be a grave yard, and I wish that would change.  I'd like this server to be populated again, and even for a little bit maybe increase the IP limit to 3.  Or institute double or triple xp.  There are still several encounters that I'd like to beat.  Vox, gfay dragon, POsky that was hinted at, etc. I know the developer's seem really busy, but we have to do something to bring players back to this server, it's too good to die off.



Bugs / Re: No easy way out of the Shadowrest
« on: May 12, 2019, 10:40:11 am »
There are a couple zone in's, in old world zones, Ferrott is one, i know I've been to others.

General Discussion / Re: Zones and progression hints
« on: May 12, 2019, 10:38:35 am »
The Pit is in Innothole spawp. Zone in is a large log.   

Dulak start in tox forest, then panieel, warrens, stonebrunt, gulf of gunthak, Dulak.

Taka, I clearly described what taka is.

Devastation, read the post, states what you need to know.

Seething wall - until you have some gear from other zones and a good group, no use going here, not a solo zone.

As far as just playing by yourself, dark blues are probably all you can handle, at least for a while.  Pets are not tanks, and while you can manage some xp by yourself, your pet won't equal a equiped tank.  (unless your a charm class, then have at it).  DPS and tank to your hearts content.

Bugs / Re: Spire Scions
« on: May 12, 2019, 09:16:58 am »
non active, no nexus

General Discussion / Re: newbie Quest
« on: May 05, 2019, 01:06:18 pm »
Normally hail your guild master, or people standing around the guild masters and some will give quest dialog.  A easy way to find quests in cities is going to


Click on your city, or a city your over dubious in for your class, and open the quest tab in that city.  List's quests that start in the city you picked.  95% of them are accurate to this server, and most rewards are improved from what you see on allakhazams.

Druids / Re: Make Druids Great again
« on: May 02, 2019, 05:27:46 pm »
Leveling is fast here, a druid as it is, is perfectly capable as a 2nd box healer to get to 51, after 51 yes they could use some work.

They have a damage shield, regen / chloroplast, sow, decent heals leveling, decent dots, root, beast charm ( used the heck out of it in jagged pine) snare, HP buffs, ports etc, getting there isn't a issue, I did it with a druid box duo easily, and other have to.

I'm not for giving them a slow, and cleric's shouldn't have the undead slow either imo.  They should have their dot damage increased, big heal increased, a lesser heal over time than cleric's ( but at least a decent HoT).  Maybe give them a second 4 per tick self only mana regen spell that stacks with everything.  Or a reverse damage shield like the cleric used to have ( mob attacking does damage to itself when it attacks ).

Tips and Tricks / Re: Special Spells
« on: May 01, 2019, 05:58:12 pm »
There is also a named in the Hole that drops some custom 46-51 spells

General Discussion / Re: Zones and progression hints
« on: May 01, 2019, 05:49:57 pm »
Dulak -

Dualk actually has several good armor pieces (still using legs on shaman, has a great set of shoulders from windscorn boss, a fantasic priest weapon and a couple really good quests, (bracer with high HP and mana and +1 mana regen and skyfall seeker - port to NK item) that I remember offhand.

Taka -

Taka is a upper level zone, also all mobs have a very low chance to drop both red and white dragon scales.  Taka has 7 grey con "chests" throughout the zone, you will have to clear to the chests to get the loot inside, each chest hold 1 of several items ( Plate Boots, Plate gloves, Plate chest, warrior sword, chain bracer, all/all + avoidance cloak, caster staff, decent necklance).  Taka chests are on a 3 day timer.  Taka is located in North Ro, close to the oasis zone, at a old wizard tower.    Taka Mobs are over level 51, been a while I can't remember if there any any yellows in the zone, mostly Id say 54-55.  Also has a boss at the end that is challenging.  It also has 2 NPC's that start epic quests.

Hatchery -

Hatchery is located in the basement of unrest.  It used to be a high xp zone, but not so much anymore.  Hatchery has several mobs that are possible to spawn all throughout the zone called Treasure Keepers, they are not on a timer that I have seen, but can spawn in specific spots throughout the zone.  The treasure keepers drops a random assortment of items, including alot of items used in 0.5 epic quests.  Some items are a instant gate clicky sword, 1h piercer, Cape, range item, etc.  Hatchery also has a boss, with more epic quest items and some other pretty good gear.

The Pit -

The Pit is a zone that as far as I have seen only has 1 Boss.  He drops a great shield, monk 1hb, spell haste 3 aug, and something else.  There are a couple random drops in this zone like leather bracer.  Besides clearing to the boss, I haven't explored this zone much, its a group zone, lvl 55 seems right for most mobs.

Devastation -

Devastation is really for a group or more.  It is also located in unrest , but its through a giant portal at the top of the House in unrest.  To get to the portal if unfamilar with unrest, you can do 2 things.  Get a Levi and find a way onto the roof, then walk to the portal, or go through the house, up the stairs, and past the "hand".  It also leads to the roof.  Devastation has great gear, quest augs, random drop augs, etc, it doesn't seem to have a main boss, but several Ph's that when killed have a chance to spawn a boss, at least 2 named bosses that I am familiar with, could be more.  It also has 1 npc that starts a epic quest.

Cazic Thule -

Cazic is like it was live(revamped version), but revamped a little more revamped here.  Most of the items are the same items from live, but better stats.  It's also a very high xp zone, but mob's can be difficult also.  I haven't done much CT personally, I can't say what quests it offers.

Corathus Keep -

Corathus Keep is located in Nek forest near the commonlands zone in ( in the water way).  It has a variety of quests for tokens used to purchase items.  Also has named that have ph's.  Its a good group zone for xp.

The Seething Wall -

The Seething Wall is a zone with some crazy mechanic's and Mobs can be rough, I haven't run this zone much.  Has a few named.  This is located in highpass hold, Near the Ek zone line

I am sure I am forgetting some. 

The delve line quest starts in High keep.  There is moves to South Karana, and finally you are able to enter delve ( located in the castle in crushbone ( go inside first door, shrink, swim down the blood water).

Other items of note
Hero Bracers - I still use this item, (SK) its much upgraded from live, quest is the same except you just need the mino bracer to turn in.
Imbued granite spauldors - from the Hole, great upgrade that I also still wear.
Lucky the beggar quest in highkeep - gives a great mask and another item at end of quest.
Several great quests in Sol Ro besides what is listed above
Shield of the devout - quested item, same quest as live, great shield or back item, very much upgraded, also useable by (war, clr, pal, sk, dru, shm, all int casters)
Sigil ring of jaggedpine - Best or one of best rings in game that I've seen
2 earrings from lavastorm quests and ring quest in lavastorm, great starting gear and can be finished in upper teens to mid 20's (mana and health regen on items items)
2 quests in lesser fay dark at greater faydark zone in, the cloak is a must for every character, earring is great also with a good effect.
Jaggedpine dropped loots while doing the sigil quests (plate/chain boots, leather boots, 2 different necks)
Caster ring from goblins in sola
several different items from solb/lguk upgraded.

I don't know many caster quest's / item's as I've just recently started a caster.

Raid Mobs
Crushbone - located in Crushbone where the trainer used to be
Jerik - Located in North Ro
Possibly dragon in devastation

Here is a start.

Bugs / Mob Regen - or Should I say lack of regen
« on: April 09, 2019, 11:35:23 pm »
So, regen on mobs got taken out pretty much.  NPC's don't seem to regen anymore at all.  This may be good for the lower levels, but now literally mobs that summon stay the same HP for hours or days, I was in dulak today, and a named on the windscorn ship stayed 83% hp for at least 2 hours.  Is there a fix that could be implemented to check for aggro and then at least let NPC's start to heal. 

Had this same issue in The Pit, where a summoning mob would not heal, therefore putting a puller in a summon loop, even after several minutes FD and forgotten, they could not get far enough away to get out of aggro range.  The NPC stayed below 85% for 30 minutes before the group called it.

Feedback / Re: Arklight change error
« on: March 18, 2019, 11:04:57 pm »
Its broken again, no range on it

Player Feedback / Re: The Seething Wall
« on: March 17, 2019, 12:01:43 am »
Spent a couple hours in here the other day, group wasn't optimal and respawn was fast enough that we couldn't move past zone in. 

My take away's from the zone

Its not a xp zone(full group getting 1.5-2% aa xp per kill), also doesn't seem to be a high loot zone, never had a named spawn or a item drop.
Mob damage was all over the place, from 95 low to 730 high on 1750ac sk tank, and everything in between.
All mobs seemed slowable (all partial slows, no full slows)
This zone seems made for a paladin tank.  Everything was stunable, and lots of undead. 
Some roaming mobs moved at Gm or Bard speed.  While others moved at normal speeds.
Some mobs "warped" and would make their warp location their new spawn point.  This warping mob was also snare immune and run's at 20%.

A server that is now gone had something like this, lootfest, could delevel to a set level, and relevel as well with new toons or friends.  Ez server has or had something like this, ring of ages quest line, can't remember if you could only go to level 1, or if you could move to specific levels. 

Feedback / Arklight change error
« on: March 09, 2019, 01:56:07 pm »
Arklight was changed to a range weapon with the same stats as the 1hb weapon it was, it also have no range, therefore not useable.  It does have a graphic now ( where it did not before ). 

Feedback / Re: Cannot See items ( missing files I assume )
« on: February 26, 2019, 06:45:25 am »
It looks like it may be something you missed, In Hatchery the other day, Eldarian came in before we engaged the boss.  I asked if he could see my weapon or shield, and was told no.  I haven't found anyone else on the server that can see them either.

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