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Author Topic: Qeynos-Freeport- A shortcut and 25-35 leveling zone  (Read 82 times)

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Qeynos-Freeport- A shortcut and 25-35 leveling zone
« on: January 28, 2019, 08:37:34 am »
Figured I'd put this post up on the forums since our guild recently discovered a shortcut from FP to Qeynos on this server. The shortcut starts at the hut in the southeast corner of Qeynos hills. If you click on the hut, you zone to the "Asylum of Invoked Stone" which is a zone populated by roughly level 25 mobs with no loot that I noticed. On the east side of the zone you can click over to the "Sepulcher of the Damned" which is a 35 zone with minor cash loots, and at the end of that zone is a click to East Freeport, dumping you in the tunnels on the north side at the top of the large circle room. The experience in both of these zones is insane, and most of the mobs are also flagged as undead despite all of them being unable to see regular invis, so paladins and clerics can get some extra DPS in.

Also, this makes travelling a lot easier on some classes. Nobody likes the Karanas. Nobody.

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Its actually west freeport. The zone entrance is a door in the northern tunnels at loc 750, 40.


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