Author Topic: Where should I level - Suggestions to help newer players  (Read 78 times)

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Where should I level - Suggestions to help newer players
« on: July 30, 2022, 12:53:52 pm »
If you've got a favorite spot to hunt, reply here and help others.

I play as a trio, and my recommendations will be as such. I always recommend making a full group if you can as things are just easier.

1-12 noobie areas doing the noobie armor quests.
12-24 Upper Guk - Changed to be all undead on this server, so almost no runners outside of spiders and crocks. Especially great if you have any classes that nuke or slow undead.
24-40 Lower Guk. At the lower levels kill the mobs by the entrance, Break the 3 spawn in the bedroom. If you have a class that can pacify/lull can pull the barbed skellies and others. As you level up, camp the assassin to get a pre-nerf dark elf mask.
40-51 A few different spots. I do Lower Guk mostly, but Sol B also works. Another spot if you want the ability to afk if needed. High Hold Keep, killing guards and/or Nobles/bards.
51 Veksar I hear is good. I struggled in Corathus Creep with another boxer, so we had 6.
55+ Corathus Creep.
AA Farming at 60. Corathus Creep, Taka, really lots of zones as you'll need to farm things for epic quests.

There are lots of paths to take. Sometimes I take a different one while leveling up just to experience old content. Runnyeye is a fun zone if you haven't done it before near Misty Thicket. It has runners though, bring a snarer.

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10-20 (post armor questing) befallen is fun
15-40 can be done in unrest and is great exp but it can be tough there without a group.
15-30 in SolA can be fun- tons of enemies
30-50 in SolB is great and the exp is incredible

50+ group zones in order of difficulty as I see it:

Veksar > Hatchery > Taka > Cazic Thule > Corathus > Devastation > Castle > Paw

Don't try paw for leveling... or anything. It's just... brutal.

Make sure you do your noob armor quests before 20 then start your sol ro quests at 30-35.

Trying any 50+ zone without a full set of sol ro gear + farmed off pieces or friends = a bad time.
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